Important Dates and Deadlines
eCore Fall 2015 (Full & Short Session I)
Aug 17  First Day of Classes
Aug 17-19  Late Registration/Add Period
Aug 17-21  Drop Period
Aug 21  Participation Deadline (by Noon)
Oct 7  Withdrawal Deadline (Full Session)
Sep 11  Withdrawal Deadline (Short Session I)
Dec 2  Last Day of Classes (Full Session-Finals Dec 2-8)
Oct 2  Last Day of Classes (Short Session I-Finals Oct 3-6)
Short Session II
Oct 12  First Day of Classes
Oct 12-14  Late Registration/Add Period
Oct 12-16  Drop Period
Oct 16  Participation Deadline (by Noon)
Nov 5  Withdrawal Deadline
Dec 4  Last Day of Classes (Finals Dec 5-8)

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